Stemming from medical research, the Filorga Cryolift™ method implements perfect symbiosis between the action of high performance products and the biostimulant effect of the cryotherapy for optimized results. The Cryolift™ discharges the cold stabilized at -18 degrees Celcius directly on the skin without any feeling of discomfort. Cryolift™ acts radically on marked and fatigued skins which regain firmness, tone and radiance.

The new Cryolift III ® introduces Cryotherapy in combination with LED light therapy to provide a number of anti-ageing effects:

- Overall Revitalisation and Firming
- Anti-wrinkle treatment
- Hydration
- Treatment of Pigmentation
- and other skin defects for an even skin tone




Cryogenic application allows rapid inhibition of nerve conduction. It therefore has a local pain reducing effect on the treated area. This permits deeper modelage without causing discomfort.

Helps obtain an optimum temperature for use

  • Electronic cold: provides a constant, controlled temperature at the end of the probe
  • Optimum temperature for use: applies a cold probe to the skin to lower the temperature by the number of degrees indicated from -10°C to -18°C.

In other words, indicated temperature is relative: one can decrease skin temperature by  -10°C / -18 °C at most (it goes from a temperature of 37°C to 19°C if you choose -18°C).




The cold directly starts a blood vessel boosting effect of the skin microcirculation. By physiologic reaction, the small blood vessels then opens up (paradoxical vasodilation) to compensate for rapid cooling of the skin. This mechanism brings about a rapid succession of vasoconstriction(blood vessel closing) and vasodilation (blood vessel opening) by pumping effect, this phenomenon is called vasomotricity. This paradoxical vasomotricity allows a remarkable skin distribution of active ingredients.


The phenomenon of vasomotricity activates skin microcirculation and thus promotes a better oxygenation (oxygen delivery) of dermal cells. An oxygenated cell uses its energy resources optimally. Beyond a better penetration of active ingredients, you are therefore enhancing their action on the dermal cells.


Using the latest-generation LED technology, the light therapy provides a combination of four different coloured light waves that each penetrate the skin at different levels. The various combinations of continuous and pulsed modes of these four light colours are used to create 10 ultra-targeted LED programmes to use for different skin indications.

LED technology has long been used by doctors to treat skin conditions such as wrinkles, loss of skin tone, acne, sun-spots and other medical conditions. Clinical studies using LED light treatment have shown superior results when combining different colours:

- Acne: blue + red light;
- Brown spots & pigmentation: green + red light;
- Redensification and firming of the skin: red + yellow light.

Performed in official beauty salons and medical centres, the Cryolift III treatment can easily be integrated into the facial routine and implemented once a month as part of the facial process.

The result: The Cryolift III treatment acts radically on pigmented and fatigued skins helping them to regain firmness, tone and radiance.